Margaret Geller – Astronomy Frontier Mapping

Margaret Geller is a pioneer in the mapping of the universe.

Some of her many research activities have included the deciphering of the patterns and structures of the Milky Way galaxy as well as mapping the distribution of galactic structures . To solve the puzzle of the distribution of matter and dark matter is to uncover the origin and vehicle(s) of  what we see today through our telescopes. She was the co-discoverer of a class of objects known as hypervelocity stars. These stars are ejected at a high velocity from the galactic center and maybe used as tracers to unravel the  distribution of stars within the Milky Way. In addition she is currently conducting the mapping of the dark matter distribution under project SHELS.

The link below to her short biography lists more information on her research and the many honors and awards she has achieved for her work.

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