Jill Tarter, Hanging in there

SETI’s Allen Telescope Array (ATA) in northern California has been in hibernation since April 15th of this year due to funding cuts. The ATA was the major search telescope for the SETI project. Now SETI scientists will have to play the competitive game of borrowing telescope time or piggy-backing on other observations.
Dr.Jill Tarter is the Director of the Center for SETI Research and is still hanging in there. Funding searches are actively underway, however time is critical as the SETI search project employs a number of scientists with the ATA’s last operational budget at $1.5 million with another $ 1 million for the SETI campaign efforts.
Dr Tarter is also the Principle Investigator on Voyages Through Time, a SETI secondary school science outreach curriculum which pulls together many different areas of science to answer the question ‘Where do we come from’?
We can only hope the US government will listen to their constituents by allotting more funding to science in general. Projects such as SETI have involved millions of people across the globe through the efforts of scientific research, outreach for education and communities, and the collaborative efforts of ‘citizen scientists’ who participate in the computational processing of the large amounts of signal data.


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