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Understanding the math based sciences and women, Understanding current causes of women’s underrepresentation in the sciences. And.. this is one year old news also, but the results expressed below are still not widely known. In February 2010 the results of a study on underrepresentaiton of women … Continue reading

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2009 Nobel prize for Medicine – Very significant discovery made by 2 Gals and a Guy

Telomeres and Telemerase; the discoverers I know this is an older story however, the discovery of the repair mechanism and process embedded within our DNA is one of the most significant scientific events of this century. The promise of affecting the … Continue reading

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A sneak peak at Novembers’

Get a sneak peek at the multiverseI just want to say that Brian Greene puts out some great science media along with his books and I’ll certainly take a gander at this one when it comes on. It seems that … Continue reading

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Team to drill into ice-buried lake in Antarctica

A team of British engineers is set to begin a journey to a lake hidden beneath nearly 2 miles of Antarctic ice.The explorers depart next week for Antarctica on the first stage of an ambitious scientific mission to collect water … Continue reading

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