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Manipulating electron orbits

Looks like we’ve got nothing better to do in the Newtonian Universe; so lets go lower, ahmm, where the itty bitty electrons are swinging about the atomic nucleus. Despite normally being represented by waves and living in an ‘electron cloud’ … Continue reading

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Women, the Hard Sciences and engineering

I thought I’d put down a few words on the subject of women in the hard sciences – namely physics, mathematics. Not trying to rehash old discrimination stuff, however, I think it relevant to the world of physics that there are … Continue reading

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…. and moving onward

 Last Fall 2011,  a consortium of scientists working at OPERA’S Gran Sasso lab in central Italy uncovered a phenomenon they could not explain. For several years flight data had been  collected on nearly 16,000 neutrinos which are non-interacting and nearly … Continue reading

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