Women, the Hard Sciences and engineering

I thought I’d put down a few words on the subject of women in the hard sciences – namely physics, mathematics. Not trying to rehash old discrimination stuff, however, I think it relevant to the world of physics that there are some writings by women who have served in the hard sciences, which they can access. Note that with the exception of a couple of the below situations, the work arena has gone from academia to an engineering environment. So here it is; Starbucks style;

I occasionally carryout conversations with my gal buddies in the local Starbucks whether by face time, phone or via laptop email, and this is a few excerpts made by some of these gals;

– husband allowed her to earn her physics PhD if she promised never to seek academic work and returned to industry.
– PhD dissertation advisor mentioned that she could resolve his problem of not having sex for 20 years as part of her research effort..
– ah – certain design engineers and engineering program managers who target better educated individuals on staff by sabotaging projects, filing false or misleading reports.  Other sabotage efforts include gossiping amongst themselves as well as reporting to the customer that the PhD female physicist (working as an engineer) who had one time passed a physics doctoral exam could not understand how a simple actuator works.
– One woman (a PhD)  mentioned she shared a cubicle area with another PhD engineering analyst (male).  She reported that when her manager came by and introduced a customer or new engineer to herself and the other analyst, this manager would introduce her as “Mrs —- , one of our engineers” and referring to the male analyst, “this is Dr Wong (not real name), our PhD Analyst”. This was done on more than three occasions.
– I’ll come back to this later…. But do let me know what you think.


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