Risa Wechsler; Dark Stuff, Halos and all that

I recently came across another physicist in Sean Carroll’s Cosmic Variance blog network, who’s involved in galaxy formation, some cosmology and dark matter/energy contributions to dynamics of both large scale systems. Dr Risa Wechsler; a Stanford University Professor of Physics, who happens to belong to SLAC and other related research groups has some fascinating research she has made publicly available via her website; Risa @ Stanford.edu.

The seminar she gave at the SETI Institute on her research is really plum; cogent, clear and very understandable. She has an attractive-interesting lecturing style. Here’s her SETI presentation:

Her Stanford Website – again, is the place to go  for additional resources and links as regards science outreach. I’m checking back in for some of her other videos – just some rehash and updates of a subject I knew little of back in my grad school days and which has apparently moved quite a bit forward in our understanding since then.


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