Big Discovery in Physics – Now!

Garth Sundem on Pepsico Related Discovery
Garth Sundem reporting for Science 2.0 has a story on Pepsico’s new environmentally sound method to produce Pepsi’s fizz by substituting the current CO2 fizzer with a new one. In fact with the new fizz inducing process, CO2 is being replaced by superluminal neutrinos discovered by CERN and OPERA in Fall 2010. This next ‘gen fizz’ should put a little more pep in the pepsi*!

On the same page in Science 2.0, there’s a little blurb in the right hand side pull down menu; What’s Happening. The Mayan 2012 December 21st catastrophe  apparently includes the close approach or collision of a planetoid, Nibiru with our Earth. Reading the rest of the page will link you to some additional resources such as survival tips, etc. Profit in the face of sure annilation – you betchah!

But then if someone is taking this particular post seriously, I strongly advise you not to visit The Onion online. That will seriously screw with your head.

* This is only figuratively speaking. Neutrinos are massless/ or nearly massless, speedy, uncharged and very- very tiny particles that almost never interact with other matter. More like a flat Pepsi I would say. 


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