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Get Ready to Move and Academic Tenure

This blog will be moving pretty soon, I’ll let you know. Meantime, I wanted to comment on an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal Squaring Off on Education. Now – how does this square with physics? You get most of … Continue reading

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Back again with entanglement, teleportation and qubits

What does entanglement have in common with quantum bits and teleportation? To know – let’s start at the beginning; In short, quantum entanglement occurs when two or more particles, photons, molecules or atoms come together in what can be described as a … Continue reading

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A bit of an update – Lisa Randall’s Guest Post in Cosmic Variance

Dr Lisa Randall Lisa Randall has a guest post on Sean Carroll’s Cosmic Variance blog in which she discusses her new book Knocking on Heaven’s Door. She is a good writer at least by my standards, and she does a … Continue reading

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