A bit of an update – Lisa Randall’s Guest Post in Cosmic Variance

Dr Lisa Randall

Lisa Randall has a guest post on Sean Carroll’s Cosmic Variance blog in which she discusses her new book Knocking on Heaven’s Door. She is a good writer at least by my standards, and she does a good job of explaining particle physics. In short she mentions that she had several motivations for writing the book;
1. what’s happening in the world of particle physics and cosmology.
2. the nature of scientific discovery, what goes into investigation – the basic principles of building a theory of everything – if that’s possible.
3. Number 2. expanded – how scientific discovery depends on reproducible results, results based on tangible concepts such a distance, length, then other  non-tangibles such as risk, and uncertainty. Knocking on Heaven’s Door is worth reading, so now when I get the time I might just finish it!


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