Live from CERN and Sean Carroll – Higgs News

Perhaps great news from CERN today as promised; the Higgs or a ‘Higgs-like’ particle has been discovered by the LHC teams. If it is the true Higgs, which is likely, it will provide the last brick in the wall of vanilla Standard Model Theory.

CMS Collaboration/dapd via AP

Sean Carroll does a superb job of science blogging and is doing it live from CERN so I’ll redirect you to it here.. I don’t believe anyone does it better than Sean.

There’s more links – most connected in some way or another, all giving clear & concise information on everything you need to know about the Higgs and what’s going on;

CERN webcast – live

CERN Webcast – Public Outreach site for ATLAS experiment and why.

I’ll be back later, have fun!


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