The Sounds of the Vela Pulsar

Well, I’m back after a busy couple of months…
Got this video from YouTube of course. The source of the actual video is unknown to me. The video is neat however, so to check out authenticity, I went to the  Jodrell Bank site where Pulsar data is recorded.

The Vela pulsar (PSR 0833-45) recording at Jodrell Bank sounds like the pulsar the video is referring to. It’s period is 89.3 ms which means it’s spinning at a rate of  11 times a second. It’s is a  supernova remnant (SNR), about 800 lyr (light years) distance and is estimated to have exploded between 11,000 to 12,300 years ago.It is one of the closets SNRs to us. The Geminga Pulsar is still closer along with another one, RX J0852.0-4622 estimated at 650 lyr. The spectrum of SNRs we see vary in size, radiation type and strength, etc. I’m only touching on the aesthetic aspects here as time is short. Bill Blair has a neat page with solid links that explains much about this SNR.      



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