Just a note about my blog..

I know a few of you may wonder why I started out here with a few posts on the topic of being over Fifty, then returned the next day to discover some additional science type postings from way back. Well, I’ve combined posts from my soon to be gone blog: ‘physicistonedge.blogspot.com’ into Smitten Fifty as I think they are certainly relevant to some third-agers who have dipped a bit into the sciences. And besides, I didn’t want these posts  totally lost to friends once the other blog shut down.

Why am I shutting down Physicist on the Edge? Time crunch of course and lets face it, very few people on the planet like to peruse around on a blog about physics. I find it more interesting, anyway, to evolve to a place where I can collect like-minders and pull in a few friends to boot.


About Deborah Leddon

Vegetarian Mother and Wife, Scientist at UTD CSS, passionate about my family, animal rights, the outdoors and my violin.
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