Back Again – More in Dog Days of Fall

ImageIt’s been awhile – I know, but it’s the guys at my home plus the usual challenges of life that have had me too busy to do much else lately. The Pup in the photo was posted to a social media site as I snapped him snoozing his way through a respite after his usual morning antics of eating breakfast, barking at me for various handouts such as chewies, carrot sticks and cuddles and love and tearing through the backyard and uprooting his bi-level playbox. Much deserved rest for a hardy 14 year old.

His brothers are equal handfuls in different ways; Puckie, the other 14 year old is a white Chihuahuwa mix and is hard of hearing and experiencing senoir eyesight issues. He demands and gets his love in so many ways it’s quite funny to see how he accomplishes it. Sitting next to a human on the sofa, guarantees him the right to constant hand petting or resting. Should the hand back off in any way, he’s quick to paw it back down. If he senses resistance, he hyperventilates or ‘chorttles’ (sounds like that) until you back down. Makes a great hand rest.

Shadow, came to us 5 years ago via EARS rescue in Dallas, from the streets of Houston, TX. A beagle mix, mostly beagle but a short one, he arrived a bit bony but healthy and active having a wickedly cute nack for falling asleep while people were looking at him. Later we learned this was a precurser event to epilepsy, the first onset event occurring on New Years eve, 5 months later, as he was resting on a sofa. Since then it’s been fine- he was on a prescription med that worked up until last month, when the seizures came back. Transition to a new prescription has been rough for him – and us, having to see him so drugged up and losing his back leg strength. Slow on the uptake anyway, Shadow is all about food. As a hound dog he can never get enough and is especially aggressive every time the bin is opened during his food preparation. Thank God , he lives with us – we are about patience. But to live with Shadow is to live with love abounding – this dog is the ‘love puppy’, and a joy to just be with as are his brothers.

Three and half pounds ago and in May of this year, Rexie, entered our lives. My husband called me (5 times) until I answered the phone. He told me to meet him at Petsmart. I knew he had gone there to pick up the prescription chewies we buy for the Pups. On the way over, a text from him said ‘stop by the adoption event and check out a little dog’. No mention of which little dog it was, but when I got there I just knew right away – a little Cairn Terrier mix, barely 11 pounds, sitting in Dott Lott’s arms. Dott, a lovely lady with a heart of gold and an endless love for dogs, is a rescue coordinator with the Humane Society of Flower Mound and as I walked up to her holding Rex (now Rexie sometimes), I mentioned my husband who happened to come up behind me. She handed Rex to me, a snuggly little ball of wire haired wonder who sniffed and looked up at me – and I fell hard. Jim said – how did you know it was him?

Rex has epilepsy too but his meds are simple to handle and he is going strong – no seizures to date. He is his Daddy’s boy – it is Jim – my husband he prefers and I love it. Rex is  the first dog in our 21 year history of doggy family life, who has favored his Dad over me. All the dogs have trailed me from room to room to walk to backyard, but Jim is the hero this time. And if not Jim, it’s his ‘Uncle Jeff’ next door, whom he loves to distraction. Jeff and Cathy next door share a gate between our yards and their two Pups as well. Good – great friends , it is often that we get together with them and the pack of 6 on a weekend afternoon or evening to eat dinner and socialize with the mutts!


About Deborah Leddon

Vegetarian Mother and Wife, Scientist at UTD CSS, passionate about my family, animal rights, the outdoors and my violin.
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