Really Trying

Can’t have it all when you’re trying to please everyone, in fact, you can’t have anything except for grabbed spots of time and pieces of a life with small projects geared to please others. Pleasing others, it does suck you out, until you no longer have anything  to give.

Let me tell you about a woman friend of mine, in this very same spot. Angry, seething underneath, she’s a forcibly retired professional, health issues for sure; driven by others to be more contributing on all levels. Driven her husband to finding a job with dictated job leads, her email is watched, and she’s often treated  like a child. Granted the husband can be loving and supportive but he is frustrated by the loss of her once sizeable income and unable to see ‘out of the box’ alternatives she once presented. A volunteer post, binding until next late Spring 2014, at her religious organization finds her filling roles of other ‘volunteers’ who will not meet their commitments. Then there is her splintered life – the daily grind of days that go by terribly fast, in a blur.

She’s overweight by 25 pounds, facing a health crisis and the demands keep coming. Is this every woman’s plight?


About Deborah Leddon

Vegetarian Mother and Wife, Scientist at UTD CSS, passionate about my family, animal rights, the outdoors and my violin.
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