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I came across an article from the blog; There’s an Elephant in the Room blog in my WordPress reader yesterday; Vegan and vegetarian – why they are not similar. For those of you unfamiliar with the reader – it is a daily internal newsreel for wordpressers.


Two cows awaiting slaughter, comforting each other. This is a well publicized photo by Ed Wray which appears on a number of blogs, social media and news.

I am, these days, a woefully failed vegetarian. I may choose vegetarian options most of the time, but lately, it’s been a bigger setback for me. The consequences,  arthritis flare-ups are now a daily occurrence, yucky changes in ‘number two’ outputs, weight is back up after going down. Yet this isn’t the worst, a new kind of numbness has set in which I believe has exacerbated my depression over the recent death of our son. Numbness and depression do go hand in hand, believe it or not, whether numbness sets in ahead of or after a depressive episode.

Oh, now the article. I amazed, just gleaning through the blog, about how detailed and thorough these pieces are. She/He, though I suspect a she is writing; relates some aspects, in particular this article’s sections; ‘The light bulb moment’, ‘Vegetarian/vegan’, ‘Walking on the wild side’, etc. What struck me was the section; ‘Who isn’t protected by vegetarianism’. She relates a ‘not an exhaustive list’ of what vegetarianism does not protect in the animal world and all of it is common sense and makes sense. I am struck at how far I am stuck in the first consideration; the industrial farm animal.  As to sound vegan choices when purchasing hair and makeup products, I can give myself credit, but with shoes and clothes, I don’t push it enough. With my funky feet and their required orthotics, I have occasionally done a serious search, but still have far to go. So foot and knee pain and social pressure have dictated my menu choices recently. Eating chicken, fish, cow, or bison, I have forgotten those hells on earth – the slaughterhouses, where trembling, sick and wild with terror; screaming and sobbing innocents are driven by merciless, soulless human killers with blows, kicks and electric prods through the stench of blood and the hanging gutted bodies of their fellow beings to that final horrific dismemberment and death to become neat, generically packed shelves of breast and thigh meats, london broils and ribbeyes; leather sofas, purses and of course, orthotic shoes.

On our march from the first anatomically human to rise up on the savannahs, we think we have become the crowning species of the planet, claiming ourselves to be the only sentient worthy of a right to life, all the while enslaving and murdering on a scale unimaginable in nature, those creatures other than us and many times, our own. We tout nature as “red in tooth and claw”, yet nature has yet to remotely approach the human ability for refined, industrialized and horrific animal torture, enslavement and murder for the purposes of non-essential food, entertainment and unnecessary adornment. Our need for bloodletting cannot be understated. We regularly ignore what nature is trying to say about our bodies – our species, with the growing prevalence of lactose intolerance individuals, our disrupted intestinal health and the concurrent rise in auto-immune diseases. The list goes on …


About Deborah Leddon

Vegetarian Mother and Wife, Scientist at UTD CSS, passionate about my family, animal rights, the outdoors and my violin.
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