I have tried to start this topic multiple times, yet never seemed to get around to finishing up, as most of my blog posts tend to run along the lines of discovery, positivism and coming up; complaints and political rantings of my own that I feel may better serve others.

I left a toxic work situation in 2011 via a very nice layoff package from a small aerospace subsidiary of a larger (though not so prominant) US corporation. In retrospect, I credit the highly principled HR Rep who handled the layoff, with saving my sanity during that time and many times before. In most scenerios or cases where I have read about involving HR, it was often not recommended to do so. Obviously, my experience with this Rep was different.

But I stop here, before I add my experience later, to put out a general invitation to those who have something to say on this topic. Why am I doing this? This experience, more than any other in my life gave me the largest insight into not only the behavior but the scale of just how far a member of society at large, can express themselves in the workplace arena. The other reason; my health became compromised from overwork and job stress during the last year and a half of employment resulting in PTSD, something I thought one only received from time spent on a battlefield. It is here I stop and extend my invitation;

If you have a workplace harrassment/bullying story to tell, feel free to email me at the email address mentioned in line 3 below. This article will span several posts and anyone who chooses, can relay their own story for posting as well. The posts ground rules are:

  1. Author (that’s you) & anonymous location – general mention such as city or metropolitan area
  2. Company identity and involved persons – anonymous names
  3. Write me your story at dlinworld@gmail.com. Subject line: wordpress bully post contribution.

We’ll take it in one or more posts. Mine is likely to take two!

Thank you!



Some Resources:

Workplace Bullying and American Employment Law: A Ten-Year Progress Report and Assessment

WorkPlace Bullying .org

How To Deal With A Workplace Bully: Advice For Victims, Bosses And Coworkers



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Vegetarian Mother and Wife, Scientist at UTD CSS, passionate about my family, animal rights, the outdoors and my violin.
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