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My husband came into the kitchen yesterday morning bearing fruit and organic tea for the breakfast he often makes for just the two of us. It’s one of my favorites; homemade gluten-free oatmeal with brown maple sugar, raisins and pecans. Sometimes it varies, add … Continue reading

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Bullying in the workplace; part 3 and conclusion.

I had never thought of the ramifications of just how PTSD can affect a person. Somehow, I always connected it with war, environmental disasters, mass trauma (plane crashes, etc.). Much of what was said in part 2 of this series, happened to … Continue reading

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Dulce de leche filled cookies

Dulce de leche bought from the shops is good, but the stuff you make yourself is even better. This silky South American treat is made by cooking sweetened condensed milk at a very low temperature f… Source: Dulce de leche … Continue reading

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