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USFWS Plan to Delist Gray Wolf – Unsound Science

Due to public outcry and the scientific controversy surrounding the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) proposal to remove the Gray Wolf from the endangered species (ESA) list, the Service commissioned the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) … Continue reading

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Music and the key to success

An article in todays’ New York Times, Is Music the Key to Success? piqued my interest this morning. I am a dedicated violinist, meaning I love the violin and like to play it just about every day. That doesn’t mean however, … Continue reading

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Science Jobs – are they there?

I just thought I’d write a spiel on the career prospects for scientists these days given the state of the economy and no clear end in sight for a bit of stability. First off, I was was raised in the … Continue reading

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The Higgs and the US

When trying to understand the fabric of the universe, scientists will go to great lengths in testing and analysis to make sure current cogent theories contain the truth of the matter. At the LHC, the vast data sets from late … Continue reading

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A bit of an update – Lisa Randall’s Guest Post in Cosmic Variance

Dr Lisa Randall Lisa Randall has a guest post on Sean Carroll’s Cosmic Variance blog in which she discusses her new book Knocking on Heaven’s Door. She is a good writer at least by my standards, and she does a … Continue reading

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…. and moving onward

 Last Fall 2011,  a consortium of scientists working at OPERA’S Gran Sasso lab in central Italy uncovered a phenomenon they could not explain. For several years flight data had been  collected on nearly 16,000 neutrinos which are non-interacting and nearly … Continue reading

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A commentary on New York Times Education site article: Why Science Majors Change Their Minds The link below to the NY Times Education site explains why we have trouble obtaining and retaining hard science majors. There’s more likely a long long list … Continue reading

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