Resources   Another frequented site for women over 50; it contains a wealth of information and advice on those issues and challenges facing boomers and above today. Articles such as How to exploit your children and How to introduce your man to sex toys certainly piqued my interest. Has all the trappings of a spicy cyber place to hang out in! Felice Shapiro is the founder and publisher of BA50.

Livingwellspendingless   I didn’t want to go through the trouble of posting and linking coupons, especially when Ruth Soukup has done it for me! Her site not only gives links to valuable coupon sources but posts some wisdom on how to be frugal even without couponing. Useful for those who’ve never been inclined to save on groceries and for coupons of course…      Touted on Google as a community for boomers and fifty-plus active lifers, it draws those who want to be engaged, entertained and educated about after-fifty issues. On my first visit I must have spent at least half an hour perusing nearly every pull down and click on link they have. It’s comprehensive listings of health and money tips, not to mention addressing most third life issues is phenomenal. Check it out yourself.  Formally an association for retired persons, but really for over fifty-tiers who are active in lifestyle. This list is so comprehensive it could list on its own. A number of resources available from advice, discounts, medical; you name it.  A site listing jobs for seniors and accessed by employers looking for a seasoned pool of expertise and maturity.  Describes itself as ‘Health for Boomers and Beyond’, is one of the oldest and largest online sites for the beyond 50’s group. The Health and Wellness, Aging well and Relationships and Love links are highly recommended; Videos link – so so. Easy to navigate site. Ads heavy. Not real pleased with the pop-up ads so have your pop-up blocker on.  I have to admit from a vanity and physically self actualizing point of view, I love this site. The ‘Ask An FOF’ link contains QAs such as ‘Why is it so difficult to find a well-fitting bra?’ and ‘My Belly has taken on a “life” of its own…’. Everyone gets to answer and the answers are good. Very comprehensive – I am amazed! Ad heavy of course but not annoying or overwhelming. Membership is an option.  Of course this site! I visit this one on a daily basis and have a membership which is cheap and worth it. Has everything health wise  and superbly extensive is the best description. Abounds with articles and with membership, newsletters, fitness trackers and more.  Occasional short health pop up surveys, but not annoying.  We all know this one, especially us boomers  who did listen to it on the radio and still catch its programs on TV. Very open and easy to navigate site, catchy and relevant articles. In fact, my current favorite articleAmericans Prefer Hemorrhoids And Cockroaches To Congress is short, concise and gives a link to its namesake polling survey. There is a classic from April 01, 2005,  that you must listen to April Fool’s: New England Suffers Maple Woes.  Ahh – lets keep the old brain sharp, girls. I love this site – sort of a wilder version of Games are free. Free accounts available. Amazing resources link and a blog. This is pretty much like an online free Photoshop – so why not try it out if you need some webpage bling or a new header! But then you also have another choice:


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