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‘Love is in the air, but the air is highly polluted’, Amit Abraham. So is the Sea!

My social commentary for today is the Pacific Trash Vortex This is just one of 5 large vortices created across earth’s oceans by revolving currents that trap garbage into these large areas. I don’t want to show you the nasty … Continue reading

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Team to drill into ice-buried lake in Antarctica

A team of British engineers is set to begin a journey to a lake hidden beneath nearly 2 miles of Antarctic ice.The explorers depart next week for Antarctica on the first stage of an ambitious scientific mission to collect water … Continue reading

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Nobel Laureates Speak Out

On Wednesday, 17 Nobel laureates who gathered in Stockholm have published a remarkable memorandum, asking for “fundamental transformation and innovation in all spheres and at all scales in order to stop and reverse global environmental change”. The Stockholm Memorandum concludes … Continue reading

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Climate this – climate that, hell lets just stick it all in the Freezer for now.                                                                                                                                                        Scientists debunk theory on end of ‘Snowball Earth’ ice age.                                                   ScienceDaily (2011-05-25) — Scientists report that the rocks on which much of a theory as to how the “Snowball Earth” ice age ended were formed millions of years after the ice … Continue reading

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