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A Jewish Christmas Eve

What was I thinking? Another Christmas eve in Christian world with my Humanist (former Episcopalian) Spouse, 29 year old son, 4 + 2 furry kids and two keets (who never complain -mind you). I am preparing for the dinner tomorrow … Continue reading

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Sequestration and Science in the U.S.

As I mentioned in  my previous post, I’d get back and discuss my research. However, that is for another post as I relay the frustrations of many American scientists, particularly those of us dependent on US government funded grants.Sequestration is the … Continue reading

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A commentary on New York Times Education site article: Why Science Majors Change Their Minds The link below to the NY Times Education site explains why we have trouble obtaining and retaining hard science majors. There’s more likely a long long list … Continue reading

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