Along with Wanting to Slaughter America’s Wild Horses and Burros, Ryan Zinke is Erasing ‘Public’ from Lands He’s Meant to Guard

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Chris Krupp as published in The Seattle Times

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s actions show his priority is to fossil-fuels companies and whether they will be able to profitably access the public lands they’ve long relied on for cheap natural resources.

‘Dinky’ Zinke, “I’ve had a hankering to slaughter those wild horses and burros for years. Just check my past record, it speaks for itself you turkeys.”

Shortly after taking office in March, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke declared his department would work on increasing access to America’s public lands. This sounded laudable — of course it should be easier for Americans to visit and enjoy our forests, mountains, deserts and rivers. But there was a catch: Secretary Zinke wasn’t really interested in making it easier for families to visit our public lands, only in greasing the skids for the industries that exploit those same lands.

Last week the National…

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Puppy Found With Heartbreaking Note: “My Owner Is In Abusive Relationship, Please Take Care Of Him”

A wonderfully relevant post!!

Source: Puppy Found With Heartbreaking Note: “My Owner Is In Abusive Relationship, Please Take Care Of Him”

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My husband came into the kitchen yesterday morning bearing fruit and organic tea for the breakfast he often makes for just the two of us. It’s one of my favorites; homemade gluten-free oatmeal with brown maple sugar, raisins and pecans. Sometimes it varies, add blueberries, strawberries, coconut sugar instead of brown maple, no matter, it is a labor of love by my Sweetie who thoroughly enjoys the making of this gift he often gives.

As he was doing so, he’s finishing up a phone con with someone who is currently enamored with the likes of Trump. ‘Trump is going to handle all those ‘illegal aliens’ and those’ Islamic terrorists”. Words fly back and forth as my Sweetie mentions the $3 per half-gallon orange juice and illegal aliens working for $2 per hour so that the price of brick homes in Texas remains sinfully low as compared to their equivalent counterparts in the north and north-east.  All of the unfairness in our society  that we accept in employing illegal Latino aliens (here in the Southwest – the reference often refers to those from Mexico) at unlivable wages so we can purchase cheaper and better. So here’s the thing; if everyone realizes this – then why are they screaming about jobs taken by illegal aliens? Virtually no citizen takes these jobs, they would go lacking – no one works for less than minimum wage which is Texas is set currently at 7.25 per hour.

Trump and others say the illegal Mexican alien population is composed mostly of criminals and rapists and that our borders are currently overrunning with people trying to sneak in, rape and  murder us and steal our way of life. According the November 2015 article, More Mexicans Leaving Than Coming to the U.S. from the online Pew Research Center, more Mexican immigrants have returned to Mexico from the U.S. as opposed to those who have migrated here since the end of the Great Recession. So why the fear when the numbers are dropping and the price of orange juice and housing in the southern and southwestern states remain relatively low? I often think the ‘obvious’ may be the answer; false perceptions by the more vocal ‘low brows’ among us? Yet that may not be all there is.

I certainly don’t believe that most illegal aliens are of the class of criminals that Trump and the rest of the low brows believe. I also believe most reasonable people would agree with me. No one risks their life or the lives of their loved ones to go through dangerous landscapes, just to live in sub standard housing and risk arrest and deportation. The struggle to survive and hope is what leads most here to the US, even in the face of our hopelessly screwed up immigration policies. No low brow considers this.

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Dulce de leche filled cookies

Dulce de leche bought from the shops is good, but the stuff you make yourself is even better. This silky South American treat is made by cooking sweetened condensed milk at a very low temperature f…

Source: Dulce de leche filled cookies

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A Rather Thoughtful Blog

I came across an article from the blog; There’s an Elephant in the Room blog in my WordPress reader yesterday; Vegan and vegetarian – why they are not similar. For those of you unfamiliar with the reader – it is a daily internal newsreel for wordpressers.


Two cows awaiting slaughter, comforting each other. This is a well publicized photo by Ed Wray which appears on a number of blogs, social media and news.

I am, these days, a woefully failed vegetarian. I may choose vegetarian options most of the time, but lately, it’s been a bigger setback for me. The consequences,  arthritis flare-ups are now a daily occurrence, yucky changes in ‘number two’ outputs, weight is back up after going down. Yet this isn’t the worst, a new kind of numbness has set in which I believe has exacerbated my depression over the recent death of our son. Numbness and depression do go hand in hand, believe it or not, whether numbness sets in ahead of or after a depressive episode.

Oh, now the article. I amazed, just gleaning through the blog, about how detailed and thorough these pieces are. She/He, though I suspect a she is writing; relates some aspects, in particular this article’s sections; ‘The light bulb moment’, ‘Vegetarian/vegan’, ‘Walking on the wild side’, etc. What struck me was the section; ‘Who isn’t protected by vegetarianism’. She relates a ‘not an exhaustive list’ of what vegetarianism does not protect in the animal world and all of it is common sense and makes sense. I am struck at how far I am stuck in the first consideration; the industrial farm animal.  As to sound vegan choices when purchasing hair and makeup products, I can give myself credit, but with shoes and clothes, I don’t push it enough. With my funky feet and their required orthotics, I have occasionally done a serious search, but still have far to go. So foot and knee pain and social pressure have dictated my menu choices recently. Eating chicken, fish, cow, or bison, I have forgotten those hells on earth – the slaughterhouses, where trembling, sick and wild with terror; screaming and sobbing innocents are driven by merciless, soulless human killers with blows, kicks and electric prods through the stench of blood and the hanging gutted bodies of their fellow beings to that final horrific dismemberment and death to become neat, generically packed shelves of breast and thigh meats, london broils and ribbeyes; leather sofas, purses and of course, orthotic shoes.

On our march from the first anatomically human to rise up on the savannahs, we think we have become the crowning species of the planet, claiming ourselves to be the only sentient worthy of a right to life, all the while enslaving and murdering on a scale unimaginable in nature, those creatures other than us and many times, our own. We tout nature as “red in tooth and claw”, yet nature has yet to remotely approach the human ability for refined, industrialized and horrific animal torture, enslavement and murder for the purposes of non-essential food, entertainment and unnecessary adornment. Our need for bloodletting cannot be understated. We regularly ignore what nature is trying to say about our bodies – our species, with the growing prevalence of lactose intolerance individuals, our disrupted intestinal health and the concurrent rise in auto-immune diseases. The list goes on …

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Dead Stuff

Since viewing a Discovery channel’s documentary on the latest findings with King Tut, I’ve had a serious fascination with dead stuff. It is telling that much can be gleaned from the tissues and bones of dead people. In addition, it seems that young Tut wasn’t the media hyped athletic, handsome young pharaoh who expired from broken leg complications resulting from a fall in a chariot race. Genetic analysis says his short life, the result of 2 generations of incestuous brother-sister marriage, was plagued with defects; a club foot, facial deformities, poor health, a limp, and two daughters born prematurely, unable to survive the 3 rd generation of inbreeding. Analysis of his bones demonstrate that he likely expired from an infection which set in after a leg fracture. So much can be told from surroundings and placement of bones, bodies, mineral content, etc..

It’s all really fascinating, BBC’s Walking with Cavemen, Nova’s Becoming Human.. to name two. Go to YouTube and you’ll really find it all! And then there’s the BBC’s documentaries on the examination of Richard the Third’s skeleton, the bones of ancient battles, and the bones of middle age people. Much of what we believe is true that in the past, life was short and brutish, but it was not always the case that people did not care for their seriously ill companions. For example, the examination of a skeleton belong to a 40+ year woman revealed she suffered from leprosy, likely from an early age, but was cared for until she died.  She could not have possibly survived on her own in the elements due to the ravages of the disease. She lived in a community, where she cared for throughout her life despite the abhorrence and fear of leprosy.

So true to form, I have come across a gem of a blog; Bones Don’t Lie, by Katy Meyers Emery, a PhD grad student specializing in mortuary anthropology at Michigan State University. The entire site is a compendium, a treasury of everything related to death in the past and present. Now this is a broad statement; virtually everything is related to death as all life reaches that state eventually. Inanimate objects such as rocks, buildings and bicycles filling that bill as well through weathering – natural entropy. From Big Foot to the Leprosarium of Saint-Thomas D’Aizier, medical history, the social, demographic, and ethical implications of  disease, giant creäture myths, population movements, wars, etc., can be derived from the study of the bones of people and the animals they lived with and ate. The blog seems to start as a boilerplate, yet goes on and on via ‘links to’. It should be a book, a great book – it be her dissertation. My favorites from her site and linking to: WHO DIED IN THE LEPROSARIUM OF SAINT-THOMAS D’AIZIER?,  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: IS THERE ARCHAEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE OF BIGFOOT? (PART I), and THE EARLIEST EXAMPLE OF DECAPITATION AND WHY ARCHAEOLOGISTS SHOULD LEARN TO DRAW.

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The Fig Tree; that is the one that resides in Flower Mound , Tx..


photograph by S. A. Fifer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.Based on a work at

Our 17 foot tall (my conservative estimate) Brown Turkey Fig Tree is about 11 years old and a survivor in real terms of occasional past  screw-ups of my own and often times – sheer neglect. But since 2011, under our solicitous and loving care, it has been a loyal and generous tree; often allowing us to generously gift others with fig preserves, awesome tasting Fig Hamentaschen during Purim, and of course, prove to others the knowledge that a true fig is really not that tasteless unripe fruit one buys in the grocery stores. To see a person’s face after they’ve tasted a ripe fresh fig is a somewhat joyous event, akin to moving back in time over a hundred years when people ate real food, knew where it came from, and enjoyed it enough to not over eat. The picture above, by the way, is by S.A. Fifer showing you what a ripening turkey fig tree looks like.

My beautiful tree stands in testament to the fact that in the end, nature always wins, no matter how hard we misunderstand it, damage it, and plow it under, all the while screwing up the atmosphere and climate to our own demise. If the damage is not fundamentally out of scale such that a resetting takes place with new species, Nature often finds  ways to heal itself, whether it does so with each creature, or plants, or perhaps entire species. Oceans and air benefit

My tree is wisdom in and of itself, wiser than me and still teaching me. I mentioned past screwups – here’s one for you; about 3 years ago, I shared the fruits of my tree with many others, the local possum family, a couple of raccoon brothers, wasps, moths, and of course, birds, tons of birds. With all this sharing, we had enough to gather, to eat, to make jellies, and to give to friends. I just got irritated with the birds, thinking it better to  have a bit more for us and to not have to put up with all of the bird shit and the bi-weekly hard scrabble fights of my dogs barking ferociously trying to catch the birds. So after ‘much thought’ and some semi-serious research, I found a non-lethal solution; holographic scare tape. I hung what seemed to be over a hundred of these shiny ribbons in my tree and lo and behold – it worked. Birds really don’t like the stuff. I was in heaven, waiting for my figs to ripen, for more figs to call my own. I only had to share with the possums, the raccoon brothers, the squirrels and the wasps, I would have my big haul.

But it didn’t work out this way. the absence of the birds produced so many moths and infestations of the opened butt ends of the figs such that huge numbers became inedible. The faintly sweet wafting smell of the tree and it’s formerly tasty fruit gave way to  hundreds of figs rotting on the ground, our Pups in confusion or (whatever), ending up using the back patio for numbers one and two and the two ever reliable raccoon brothers, the possum and her kids and the squirrels disappeared, leaving me, the environmental halcyon and traitor, to face the consequences of my own short-sighted actions.

What can I say? I learned, but this past year, for some reason, all of my small plots of crops, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, muscadine grapes, and of course my fig tree did horribly; 2 muscadine grapes and about 30 figs (and late ripeners at that). Of course I was in the same boat as others who had backyard gardens and not so great harvests this year, likely due to  regional weather shifts (notable – really). We’ve all noted a higher prevalence of mosquitos with the wetter climate, yet a lower incidence of the typical insect populations we used to get in the spring and summer. The mosquitos in fact managed to chase many of us indoors as  they seem to be immune to the typical repellents.  Ah, but now going off track here….. even though it may be all related ?

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Snowball Moon – OK – I’m back ….on the heels of this amazing post.


Source: Snowball Moon

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Grizzly involved in fatal attack on hunter will stay in K-Country with cub

On this issue, Canada got it right – and the family of the killed hunter agreed. Progressive thinking – trying that here in the US – the idiot BLM and Fish and Wildlife directors would poop in their own Neanderthal pants…

Exposing the Big Game

By Colette Derworiz, Calgary HeraldSeptember 11, 2014

Grizzly involved in fatal attack on hunter will stay in K-Country with cub

Richard Cross was killed by a grizzly bear in Kananaskis Country on the weekend. Officials have decided against destroying the bear responsible for his death, ruling it a defensive attack.

Photograph by: Facebook photo , Calgary Herald

A grizzly bear that killed a sheep hunter in Kananaskis Country on the weekend will be left in the area with her cub, after it was ruled a defensive attack.

On the weekend, Calgarian Rick Cross was walking alone along the Picklejar Creek trail when he was attacked and killed by the bear.

“It was definitely a defensive attack, not a predatory one,” said Glenn Naylor, district conservation officer with Kananaskis Country. “That was the main decision-making factor, but we have to look at all of the evidence and all possible scenarios first.

“The evidence clearly points to the fact that he out of…

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Margarita cake with tequila

Margarita cake with tequila.

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